How to suggest getting back together?

Its been a few days since I broke up with my ex. We were not speaking days before and after our break up. I messaged him today saying how I felt like he didn't care about me and his actions (ignoring me) throughout our relationship had only reaffirmed my belief. It was a message to get things off of my chest even if he didn't reply, I only did it in order to help me to begin to move on. He replied in which he told me all that I had written was assumptions. And said "I dont ignore because I dont care" which makes no sense to me. But I am still waiting on a reply to see what he meant.

After all this however part of me still wants to be with him and if he can give me a legitimate reason as to why he did the things he done. I would like to suggest getting back together but I dont know how. Could someone give me some advice on this matter please
How to suggest getting back together?
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