Can you win him back after acting crazy?

Can you win a guy back after acting really crazy post breakup? :'D (Not the type of crazy that boils his bunny or destroys his car obviously).
Any ideas how to smoothly reappear after giving him several months of space?


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  • Unlikely. I mean there already was a break up and you acted crazy.


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  • Depends on how crazy the crazy was. What YOU think is crazy and what HE thinks is crazy is entirely different remember that.
    You have to be soooooo humble and remember it will take a LONG time to get back in his good graces. Not a matter of days or even weeks but months. Maybe even years depending on how bad you flipped out. He has to decide if the juice is worth the squeeze and if he ever wants to put himself in a position that you would do that to him again. Majority of guys? Answer is no

    • Yes, this.

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    • Important things is, if you approach him and he rebuffs you, don't get mad, just politely walk away. Show him how you matured. He may like that and come back to you, or you approach him again a few weeks later and he'll remember how you handled it. The key is, he wants to be sure you changed

    • I'll do that thank you! I know that if we'd start talking again everything would be different but it's best to give him some more space. We did see each other for two months so I wasn't like that all the time, so hopefully I can redeem myself.

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