How can you be okay with being single after being with someone for over two years?

Don't you feel alone?

After how many months, will I be okay?


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  • I'm single now after a 7 year relationship and it's tough I have to admit. Though wasn't in a healthy relationship and I'm much happier now. Just the emptiness gets to you once in a while.


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  • I just am ok with it. I have a shit load of male and female friends, so loneliness isn't a problem.


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  • I'm single after being with someone for 6+ years. I've always been comfortable being alone but do you miss someone lying next to you? Fallin asleep to someone's heartbeat? Yes, but you lived before this person and you'll live after. You MUST give yourself a chance to grieve though.

    Also it's different for everyone. My recent ex I'm over and I just don't feel anything for him. The guy before him I'll probably always be in love with him. *shrugs shoulders*

    That's the thing about love you'll only be able to make someone feel as much as your willing to thrust the sword in, just don't forget it's double edged. @anjiemation


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