Would you drive hundreds of miles to meet someone you liked?

Let's say this guy and girl met during each of their last semesters in college, but only got to have 1 conversation despite walking past each other and saying hi maybe 10 more times. Based on their brief encounters, its clear that they both like each other. But because they've now graduated, and now live a few hundred miles away, would it be awkward if the guy drove all the way over to see her?

It would be similar to Dustin Hoffman's character driving all the way up to Berkeley to see the girl he liked. However, this case is different since these two people barely know each other, and its been almost a year since they last saw each other, so they may no longer like each other


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  • I think it would be kinda strange to drive a few hundred miles to see someone you don't know.


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  • i agree is with lisa, it would be strange, your graduated now, I'm sorry but you had your chance, now move on


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