Should I tell him about his lying fiance?

Super condensed version of story:

-Girl is in a 3 year relationship with a guy.
-Girl meets guy J on holidays in another country.
-J and girl have a fling and decide for J to visit her after she breaks up with her boyfriend for him.
-Girl meets guy M on plane.
-Girl dates/sleeps with M until J comes for his visit (so about 2 weeks) all the while making M sound as if he was her soulmate and that she was/had falling in love with him.
-J comes for his visit and guessing they planned out their future and he returned back home until he could permanently move back for her.
-M and girl go on two dates (they didn't sleep with each other, but lost of kissing/touching).
-On the breakup date girl makes M sound as if they're soulmates again and says they should try again in the future and wouldn't let M leave, the date continued for 7 hours with lot's of kissing/touching and I emphasise how above and beyond she went to make M sound as if he was perfect for her.
-Girl and M stop talking/dating.
-Girl and J get engaged a few months later.
-Does J deserve to know about M?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • No, because it's not clear cut cheating. You don't know their relationship or what was going on between them when you were seeing her. It definitely sounds like there was cross over but by going to him you're going to look jealous and petty over the fact she didn't choose you.
    It's time to move on


Most Helpful Guy

  • Didn't read the entire thing, so I'll just give you my opinion either way. If they are somewhat tied to the same woman, then they deserve to know. Why would anyone withhold this information? All parties need to know what's going on. Simple as that

    • It's kind of a grey area type of cheating, well not really. It's honestly a very long and complicated story so yea not sure if he should know. This shit could become a movie, that's how many twists and turns it has haha.

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What Girls Said 1

  • Kinda confusing. Still, "J" has a right to know about "M". This girl is confusing.


What Guys Said 2

  • I am working on my phd in applied mathematics and this is confusing even to me...

    Nonetheless... yes I think that the guy in the 3 year relationship should know. It's really unfair to him

    • Yea it's super confusing, try figuring all this shit out and having to live it! That's why I put a link to the full story because it's quite the doozy. I'm not talking about her ex ( the guy she was with for 3 years). They've been broken up since the first week of her return from her holidays where she met guy J and M (on the plane). Asking if guy J (the guy she met on holidays and is now engaged to) should know about guy M (me)? I hope that clears things up, it is a super confusing story, sorry tried to make it as straightforward as possible but it's a tough one to shorten.

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    • no she isn't seeing me anymore and wasn't engaged when she was. It's a grey area. Basically she was seeing me in the timeframe of after her breakup with her boyfriend while waiting for J (her now fiance) to come and visit. She then saw me again twice after he left from his visit and we made out countless amount of times but never slept together after his visit. Hence, the grey area.

    • Oh jeez find someone else

      You're wasting your time on a bunch of useless people that are going to lead to your demise

  • She will know it's you but I think I would want to know in the end before marriage because she will continue to do this


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