Should I get closure?

I've known the person for awhile we were always off in on in the relationship which I wouldn't really call it that but there was attraction but it was all toxic I put in my all and the person didn't and always had excuses when I wanted to go on a date stood me up the person dropped conversation few times feel like there's a third party going on just a feeling so I stopped talking to the person and don't want anything else to do with but now the person texted me couple times like nothing is wrong I ignored it also i heard from a friend that they think something is wrong with me and basically they are trying to make me feel like like everything is my fault what seems like if that makes sense like it's OK for them to disappear but not me i don't know i just want to walk away from it all and be by myself it's caused nothing but stress for me I want to heal emotionally for the toxic past should I get closure and how or what do I say to get closure or should I just keep not talking to the person?


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  • This person you've been sharing this experience with, sounds quite manipulative. That individual wants you there when they feel they need you, and can ignore what you have to say but it's not okay for you to ignore their messages?
    That's wrong.
    It sounds like you put much more effort, commitment and time into this relationship than the other person has. You have also shown you care so much more about this person than they do about you. I would END things and cut lines with this individual immediately.
    No one deserves to be treated this way, nor do you deserve to feel like you don't belong with someone better. This person is losing a great thing, and it's not your fault at all.
    You deserve to be happy, and real, true relatinships are NOT only one sided. They are team work, team efforts, commitment, time, and devotion to one another.

    I would honestly comfront them and tell this person you're through being treated this way, and you want nothing to do with them again. Then take time to work on yourself afterwards. Recover from this burden, and keep your faith in finding someone better suited towards you.
    If it makes you feel any better, my first relationship was one similar to this. Very negative, manipulative, controlling. I gave it my all just like you did, but decided things needed to end for me to begin something else with someone better. It will take a while for you to overcome this, and for you to heal from what you've been through but you can do it. :)
    Best wishes to you. I hope you find someone amazing who will treat you right when you're ready to start looking again.


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