I have no problem seeing my ex... but does he?

I'm over my ex & I am talking to someone new. He left my life, found a new chick, they broke up. He came back to me & wanted to hang out I wasn't sure if I was ready so I blew him off but then felt like there's not problem with it so I tried to hang out with him.

- He didn't want to hang out with me alone.

- Told me to bring some friends

- Said he wanted to start from over and meet someone new

- I told him I'm talking to somebody else, and I'm not looking for a relationship with him

- He agrees to hang out with me and my friend & then bails last minute

- Lied about where he lived & then admitted he lived like 45 minutes away

- Why is he acting SO weird


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  • Sounds like he is unsure but also testing the waters with you to see where you are at. If he left you as you say and you are getting on with your life, then why bother with him. It is his loss. He asked you to bring a friend with you, possibly to make the situation a little less like being on a date, so you would not think he wants to get back with you.

    I would leave him to whatever he is doing. If he contacts you, be friendly, polite but just don't have anything else to do with him. Leave him to it!


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