Divorce after 12 years.. bipolor?

she's untreated bipolor. cheated on me. blames me for being jealous and manipulative. what the? just happened


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  • You may want to seek therapy or consider a divorce. Bi polar is a serious mental illness that can be difficult for a spouse to deal with. Her calling you manipulative is simply her way of projecting her bad qualities onto you. My ex has done this to me many times.


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  • bipolar? just run and don't look back.

    no matter what she did wrong it's "your fault", it's just a game to make you whipped and to control you.

    just run, cut connections and drop all feelings for her.

    don't get trapped in the spiders Web.

    • we have a 4 yr old together... can't cut and run

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    • We are separated for 2 weeks now... I'm try to keep it together around my kid.. but gets hard when she asks me why I don't love mommy anymore... so.. cold shoulder and hope she finally gets therapy she said she would?

    • just sit down with you kid and explain that it's over. nothing wrong with that. just make sure it ain't words that your ex put in her head.

      whatever you do, do not go back.

      it's hard but you can manage.

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  • You married before knowing her well enough.

    • We dated for 5 years... all the bipolor issues just started 4 years ago.. but I didn't find out until Thanksgiving 2016

    • More than bad luck. The worst luck. But I guess that she isn't happy too, being bipolar.

  • Move on with your life.

    • one day she's in love with me and our family... the other I'm the reason she's depressed.. hard to let go

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