What are your worst evil in-law stories?

I have cut off contact with my husbands family, as they can't accept me for whom I am, mainly the physco evil MIL. My husband is very close with them, and refuses to cut contact with them and wants to remain close, but won't force me into having any visits or seeing them again. What are some of your worst in-law evil stories? Hoping they make me feel better lol. Thanks!


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  • My ex's family was pretty messed up. His mother was nice to me and we got along, but the both of them had MAJOR issues. They were both raging alcoholics, who would get into screaming and shoving matches whenever we visited them. His mother would pass-out drunk on the floor often, and she even fell down the stairs once. The woman even got a DUI and my ex had to bail her out. It was very embarrassing. I'm just glad that I don't have that drama in my life anymore.


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  • I only date orphanes to stop that very problem


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