Having trouble moving on?

I had a friend, I just fell in love with her over a couple years...

One day I realized I really liked her...

I told her I had feelings... she just got uncomfortable and never even talked about anything :(

It just sucks, it's been a year and I still think about her... I see pictures of her on Facebook and she has a boyfriend now apparently :(

I'm having a lot of trouble moving on... and letting go...

I just don't understand why she won't open up to me, after I told her about my feelings... she could have at least said something instead of just ignoring it...

I don't know :(


Most Helpful Girl

  • You can't force someone to have feelings for you when they don't.

    • It's not fair, I don't understand... I thought she liked me, and I really liked her too...

Most Helpful Guy

  • do you love her and want her in your heart

    • My heart is confused...

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