How do you get over an ex that you have to work with too?

Basically, the guy I broke up with works at my job and of course it's a lot harder to get over breaking up with him when I see him almost everyday. We broke up maybe 5 months ago now but it has been really hard for me dealing with all the shit he put me through. I would love to hear positive and healthy ways to deal with this.


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  • This is one of the primary reasons I strongly recommend NOT dating co-workers.

    Do your best to avoid him as much as possible, but you're probably doing that already. When you DO have interactions with him, it's nothing more than "Hi", "Goodbye", and anything else is all about the job only.

    I would also be looking for a different job too, but you're probably already doing that also.

    Try to get a different group of friends you can spend more time with at work. Other than that, there isn't too much more you can do.

    I definitely wouldn't say anything about him at work. That could be mistaken as you making negative comments against a co-worker (regardless if he deserves it), and result in the company taking negative action against you. It's not a simple path to walk, that's for certain!

  • tough think but give time and maintain space


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