When ex broke up with me she said feelings changed?

when she broke up with me she said her feelings changed and that she loved me like a friend. I don't know what that means. she also said we could continue to be friends. it left me clueless and I still don't know why


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  • She still cares about you as a person and wants the best for you because she loves you like a friend... but she isn't in love with you. those are two very different things and sometimes it's hard to know the difference.

    • that makes sense but how can someone you date all of a sudden go from loving you to it being a friend love? we were very intimate with each other. it doesn't add up. feels like there was someone else

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    • Well then I'd say that her feelings did change but she used the whole I still love you bla bla bla as an excuse almost

    • exactly. souless

  • Sounds like she fell out of love. Happens all the time...


What Guys Said 1

  • She probably said the friends thing because she felt guilty.
    My advice if you're wanting to help yourself is go cut her off and just focus on bettering yourself.
    If you're trying to get her back same thing applies, make yourself more attractive by bettering yourself.

    Good luck im sorry man.


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