How do I get over someone I cut ties with?

This was a 4 year online friendship I had with a guy. We both loved eachother but our circumstances would never allow us to meet or further act upon our feelings. I cut ties cause the past year or 2 he would go months without speaking to me despite knowing that it hurt me. Overall it was better we don't speak at all but I still worry and think about him. Any advice?


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  • There's only two ways I know to stop thinking about someone all the time. 1. Find a replacement for them. Any regular ol person wouldn't do. You'd have to have similar chemistry with the new person. Second would be to let time take care of it. That's really your only options. Unfortunately there is no routine or trick to forget about someone you cared about quickly. Sorry for your problems though! It'll get easier trust me 👍

    • Thanks for MHO😁

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    • More than a fair share lol. What up pimps! Hila kleiner represent! Rofl

    • hahah im sure she's happy though! vape naysh yaall

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  • Only one - find someone better than him. Emptiness caused by human can only be filled up with another human. Of course nobody is 100% replaceable, but better than nothing.

  • let it be no more than worrying and thinking. it'll just get messy again of you reestablish a convention. your concerns will fade and he most likely will be just fine.

  • Learn to enjoy your own company before seeking out others. 😀

    • definitely this. i would also add, choose who you want to love rather than be chosen.

    • thank you both of you!

  • You focus on other guys that are nearby and don't go on LDR. They usually don't work


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