Why would a "man" want his ex girlfriend life miserable?

If he has a baby on a way and dumped you and basically with someone else years ago. The ex girlfriend tried to just speak out and say hi to him in a friendly manner. Like why would an ex want to make your life miserable through other people? I am not friends with him but I recently had to work with one of The EX's relatives and a lot horrible things happen to me.


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  • This is worded in a confusing way.

    If one ex still wishes or wants the other ex to be miserable, there are likely still bitter feelings from the breakup that haven't faded yet.

    • Well if he is bitter that what he get and went into this world breaking people hearts and found what he was looking for.

    • Well, if he's acting like an idiot still, then don't even acknowledge him period. Block him in all forms and get on with your life. If the relative is going to act like an idiot too, then you know to keep your distance. If the relative gives you shit at work, then you need to go straight to HR to shut that shit down.

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  • This "man" did NOT move on he is clearly but hurt

    • 😂😂😂😂😂

    • I don't know what his problem is but Imma let karma handle it.

    • I hope karma gets him

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  • I agree. If you are not over someone you don't always want them moving on and being happy before you...


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  • What are you saying?

    • Basically an ex boyfriend is trying to make an ex girlfriend life miserable through other people and he has moved on but he has went too far with the bullshit.. HE ended it

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    • From what you've presented that is what it seems to be.

    • from your eyes or experience.

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