Dumped me what should I do?

A girl I love she dumped me because I am possessive and I usually say her to stay away from some of his friends (boys) but she says if you trust me then let me do what I want but it is not that I don't trust her ir is I don't trust those boys.. she dumped me.. becoz of that and got in relationship with a boy with another the day after we broked up.. she came to me again a month later and said that she missed me and want to be in relationship with me. what should I do I do luv that girl but it will be impossible to move on if she dumps me again.. it was very hard to move on the first what should I do please suggest..


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  • I'm actually rooting for her and not u. In an actual relationship u don't get to pick ur gf's friends. But u guys seem to be kids still, so might as well take her back and enjoy the ride while it last. Cause it won't be long till u guys break up again.

  • Well to be honest you're kinda overbearing. you gotta chill.
    that being said she totally was rebounding and interested in one of those guys.

    Its okay to fix things but you gotta tell her upfront that you're not cool with her hanging ALONE with other guys.


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