How do I get over him?

I guess my brain is still in denial a bit. Still thinking that he's probably miserable. That he'll come back eventually. That he's just scared and needs to see that I still love him in order to make a move to get me back.
But that's not the case, I'm sure. It shocks me to realize that this is exactly what he wanted. That a life without me in it is just fine and he doesn't feel sad about it at all. That he's continuing to live his life normally without any regrets, and that's what makes me angry and breaks my heart most of all.
And I have no choice but to accept it. If he wanted to fix things, he'd do it. He has my number. He knows where I live. He knows where I work. If he wanted to, he would. But he doesn't.
And I guess what makes me angry the most is that he doesn't feel as sad or bad about it as i do. That in a year's time he'll meet another girl and feel the same way with her that he did with me. And he'll give her everything that he wouldn't give me. He'll love her more. And that kills me 😞


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  • Hi Dear

    read your post and i still believe you still love him. if you still love him and want him back then you fight back for your man. i was also in this kind of situation some years back and i never gave up i knew that wasn't him that break up with me something was fishing was going on. Do you still love him and want him back.

    • I don't even know anymore 😞 I just know that he doesn't want me anymore.

    • i want you to email me now on my email so i can let you know what to do ok. am going to give you some advice which will help you out. mccartkatty@ gmail. com
      await your mail

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  • I am going through this. for three years. for three years I thought and dreamt the day he saw me he will be back. but instead I got "we were just friends" "everything I said to you I was joking". on top of that he got married and a baby on the way. but the worst part is he makes it his business to come by my work place every single day. so to answer your question you don't get over him. he will always be on your mind. he will always be a thought you run back to like a comfort thing. but you will Learn to live without him you will Learn you love him but he can't be yours.


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  • you know i had an ex who told me that ones and i explained to her that its not really like that; no matter what you think you were doing you are not going forward with a relationship; most of the relationships are stand still.. and when they move to the next step its usually no safety shex ; which ends up with a baby.. or wanting to be serious and talk about marraige

    • you need to progress find things that interest you both and be able to be together while you are both progressing in life not one holding the other back, nore or less you need to always have something to bring him back in your arms to be able to keep something you need to find what brings it back
      see they say if you love something you set it free and if it comes back then its yours if it doesn't tgen it was never yours to keep; but they never said that whatever you set free needs to be fully comfortable in that cage to go back. will more or less fuck that human being you were seeing focus on picking the right one and making it work

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  • I am going through this same thing. He moved on to someone who is younger, skinnier, and whatever else more or less than I can offer. It is so hard to watch; I thought we had a good thing going.


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