I really want to make it work with my ex, what do I do?

So me and my ex dated for 1.2 years, then we broke up because I had a picture of a girl that went to our school in a bikini, and I called her prude. I know it was a bad mistake but she broke up with me for it. I was fine with the breakup for two months, but its really hitting me now that we could've had so much fun together and stuff. She told me when we broke up that she would want to try things in the future but then started saying the we should just let each other go our separate paths, and I should be focusing on college and her focusing on senior year. I felt like we really had something special. We visited plum island in Massachusetts and we thought it was beautiful and promised we would get a beach house there I know that sounds stupid but I would like to believe it. I thought breaking up would be good so I could also talk to other girls and do stuff with other people but I've realized it isn't what I want at all, I just want her. College is coming up too so she is leaving in a year. She told me that after the relationship she felt so self conscious about herself and that made me feel like shit. She's talking to another guy right now, but do you think I should try and see if she wants to give me another shot in a couple of months? if not, then how long? I really feel like I let a good one go, and its killing me. I've told myself I'm not giving up on her so please let me know if I should not waste my time, but I really want it to work. ThanksI really want to make it work with my ex, what do I do?


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  • I think it's better to remain friends if you can


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