How can I get her back?

I was travelling for a month and when I came back she wanted to split. Yes I am anoying Evil and selfish, not a perfect boyfriend. But this was only when seperated because I love her so much i become so. When we were together I am very good person unselfish, caring, loving, and kind. When she told me that its over she cried because it was so cruel to me. She didn't tell me exact reason but i think that she was afraid of something and she needed to get a break. Yes we quarelled all the time when I was gone (only because of me). I have changed now and want to show her and ask for a second chance. Guys what should I do? And please don't judge me I know how Evil I am.


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  • If you really want to win her back you will have to prove to her that you have changed and it could take some time but don't be pushy or annoying either because that will defeat the purpose just give her space and work on becoming a better you in the meantime

  • Give her some space and let her find someone better


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