How to get over your ex if she rebounds?

so we were together for a long time. had a lot of trouble staying together. Loved each other dearly and would of been married but she refused to work on our issues so I left. She paid for subscription to Plenty Of Fish and found someone fairly quickly. She's the type that's afraid to be single.

Anyway, it makes me feel like the love wasn't profound. Heart breaking actually. I left because she wouldn't grow up so why am I surprised that she's acting immature?


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  • Hey there, so lets focus on you and you alone here ultimately because that it the essence of what you seem to be seeking guidance with. if we detach your ex partner literally from how you feel as you wrote those words, you express, you felt a commitment within a ltr, a true sense of wanting to be together with someone, even marriage, after im sure much torment you realised it wasn't a returned effort and belief as your own. that is why you moved on and that is where you should try to stay focused and even if you choose to torment yourself with her activities and actions like dating it is of no relevance to you right now and only tortures you more in the same injury point you knew when you ended it... you are doing this to yourself... the question is why? often we do this to re affirm we did the right thing by leaving understandable but bloody stupid, I've been guilty myself... by the fact you have left, are taking your time to assess what happened, looking at her actions and applying them to everything in an ideal world this should re assure you, you made a wise move and yes you are hurt but take this forward and you will be more careful with your future choices and gentle with yourself having that bit more experience and guarding for your own heart, you have it all in you all you need is a little turn of the kaleidoscope to see a whole new beautiful picture, good luck xx

    • that was really introspective. thank you. I do feel like it's the right call and yes I agree I am doing this to myself. Figuring out why but thank you so much for that. It applies a logical approach to it. thanks again

    • xx glad my own mistakes have had some positive effect ;) xx

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