Me and my ex are talking again is it a good sign and how do I go about getting her back?

I broke up with my girlfriend about 5 months ago. We lived together for almost a year and dated about that whole time. Since may we have talked every day again getting closer and closer again. I take full 100% blame for our relationship falling apart and me leaving but I do want her back. We usually go out to lunch with her kids at least once a week and she's always there to help whenever I need help with something. We usually see each other a couple to three times a week and I spent the whole day having a fun day with her and her kids Sunday. We almost act like a regular couple minus the intamacy part. We tell each other good morning and good night flirt with each other and enjoy being around each other. I think she wants to make our relationship work but I'm not sure if there's enough signs there. I'm gonna ask the next time we get together because I got to know and I don't want to lose her again by not being man enough to ask. Does anyone have any opinions on if it sounds like she might want me back or how to ask about us getting back together?


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  • The fact that she is talking to you and spending time with you is such a good sign. Be honest with your feelings and intentions. Good luck!

    • Thanks I thought everything was a good sign. I can tell she cares just from the hugs she gives me tells me to let her know when I make it home and I even flirt with her about cuddles and checking her out whenever she wears something nice. I even kind of snuggled up next to her one night as a feeler move and she didn't seem to mind it. I know she wants me to work for it since I broke up with her and after thinking about it I can't expect her to make the first move. Thank you for your advice!!!

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