He broke my heart but I still care...now he wants me back..what do I do!?

Okay so my ex cheated on me. It was a really messy situation in which he and his ex had never really cut things off completely, & then he got involved with me and decided to keep us both! Lots of lies involved but outside of that he was great & really sweet & I cared a lot for him. But anyway, this whole ordeal happened in December & we had stopped talking. Around May he sent me an apology message on FB & by this time I'm over it...forgive & forget..all that. So we kind of become friends again & text occasionally. But we took it to the next level when I tell him I'm leaving soon for college & he says he wants to see me b4 I go. So we meet at the mall, & he brings me a card, & some sugar cookies (his nickname 4 me & also a shirt of his. We spend ll of 5 min together & feelings come rushing back. This was on June 21st & we haven't stopped talking since then, he even drove two hours to come see me & take me out to eat. I tell him that our time together helped me realize that he's someone I want to keep in my life & that I wanna stay friends, & he says that's fine but he wants to work on a relationship. I agreed at first but began having second thoughts because I know that I don't trust him...& I'm not sure f he can be faithful although he tells me he will be. I tell him that we should just focus on being friends but he still says that he wants to be more. I just don't understand why, because he's definitely a ladies man & I don't think he can give up all the girls for me so why does he keep pushing a relationship? A part of me wants to give in but I can't let him hurt me like that again & I don't want to look stupid twice. What should I do? & do you think he's sincere about getting back together or just playing games..AGAIN? All opinions are welcomed!


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  • Once a cheater always a cheater.

    Also, you said you are leaving for school, BAD time to try and start a relationship. For one, he won't stay faithful if you aren't around. It is hard enough for a trustworthy guy to stay focused, it won't take a cheater long to stray.

    More importantly, when you go off to school you are going to meet so many new people (including HOT college boys) you won't want to be tied down to some guy back home that you are sure is cheating on you. Go, do your first year of college and enjoy it!


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