How long did it take you to get over your first "serious" relationship? High school counts?


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  • About a year. To be fair, I was left at the altar. That's pretty much the worst way to be broken up with.

    • I couldn't imagine a worse way... That must have been terrible I'm sorry.

    • Not your fault. I wanted to set him on fire at the time, but now I would settle for a very cold glare. Which I think is an obvious improvement.

    • I would agree. Although I might not be able to restrain myself that much.

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  • I didn't have to get over it because I made the right choice and I was happy with it.

    • I got my heart broken and felt like it was the right choice. I guess it depends on the situation and how you handle/view it.

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  • A couple of months. It would if taken longer but I knew it was ending before it did.

    • I would think that would make it harder and easier in some ways.

    • I knew it was ending about a month before we actually broke up so I was able to come to terms with it so it wasn't to hard to get over the fact we broke up and that we were better off apart. It was somewhat harder to move on because we were living together right up until the day we broke up and he kept contacting me when I moved back home. After a couple of weeks we stopped talking altogether and things got better from there

    • Well that's good that things got better. After a breakup I've always found it's better to stop talking to them because it makes it easier. Besides the normal social interaction if you see them everyday.

  • it took me about 2 months but I guess it just depends

    • Yeah the situation matters a lot.

    • yeah I mean I still think about the guy and the relationship we had but if he were to ask me out again I would say no if that makes sense

    • It makes complete sense. I feel the exact same way about my ex.

  • 6 months


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