My ex I want him back?

So my ex broke up with me for a small i know I did yell at cuz I wanted ti see him soon but he said I have to wait for a another year... and he is going through a lot in life I known him for 6 years now long distance and even plane to move there after my studies are over i gave him some space he even blocked me cuz I pulled out the past he did not talk with for 2 months now trust me guys I love him so so much... I plane to take some pics of our old memeories and make huge photo galley and send him what do you think? Will guys like that? pleas tell me boys :( My ex I want him back?


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  • 6 years? Dont put all your eggs in one basket. Also- It depends on the guy. I personally would feel obligated to give you a chance to talk, but I would never forgive you over it.


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  • Aw I'm really so sorry to see you're going through this 😢 I can feel your pain.
    I think maybe you could open up communication slowly again to test the waters and then send him this if you think it's right but if not, unfortunately maybe you should be thinking about moving forward and past this guy.
    If you are meant to be, you will find your way back to each other somehow.

    • thank you so much for understating me you got such a wonderful heart.. yes i love this guy so much I wake at nights cry evey day... but there is a time limit I cannot go for ever when time comes I will move on

    • You will grow stronger and wiser from this no matter what the outcome is. Keep reminding yourself of that ❤️
      You will know what the right thing is to do and you will make the right decision one day and eventually, you will be happy again. This is a tough time but it's only temporary. You'll be okay, I know it's so hard not being able to talk to or see someone who you love so much

    • thanks love ❤

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  • Don't go back to an ex. An ex is an ex for a reason.

    • not really then this world would not be a good place to live you should give a scond chance and relationships at not changing cloths it's strong bonds

    • If your relationship was so strong and yoir bond was that great, you two would of never broken up. Face the fact it's over. The sooner you do the better it will be.

    • there are fights without fights there is no love

  • personaly, 95 percent of the time, you will not stay with them if they already left you before

  • i think you should erase all your memories with him and move forward

    • I think you got no hurt to say somthing like that... when your love is true you can't do that

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    • no you don't know every thing just cuz you got your heart broke you don't know what happen to me

    • k then tell me what happened... why he left you

  • You will eventually move on; most people do.

    • that's most of people it's been 2 years I didn't still move on

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