How can I deal with being a triplet?

I'm a triplet, and I'm having a very hard time with my life. People keep calling me triplet #1, or they'll say my name and when I reply they exclaim, "I knew it! HA! I got your name right!"

I feel like people aren't really talking to ME. It feels almost inhuman to me. Does anyone know how I can deal with this, or change my mind set? Have you ever had someone tell you (if you're a triplet) "I would have left two of you at the hospital if I was your mother!"

Any advice? I'm really down about all of it, and it's also preventing me from getting close to anyone.


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  • I'm a triplet. I know exactly how you feel. People have never said to me that they would have left 2 at the hospital though. If I were you, I'd say "I have a name." Or correct them, or ignore them. I just ignore people when they name us by numbers, but it's not very often they do. I hate it when people refer to us as "them". We're people, not a collection of objects. If the person was referring to any other group of people, he/she would have to say each of their names anyway. That hospital comment is so rude. When people say things like that it's just rude. People don't usually see all three of us together at school or anything. Not for high school, where we've become more independent. People also don't usually have trouble with our names, because we're just like any other 3 friends someone can have. We're fraternal, as well. Yet the name thing still applies, where people get mixed up sometimes. I also feel like people aren't talking to me. What we did is each of us just branched out into our own separate talents, so I became more independent through Orchestra and I got away from my sisters by doing something I love. Don't let it get you down. Being a triplet can have some positive aspects, as well.

    • Thank you so much! you just made my day! And yeah, I get what you mean when you say that it feels like people aren't talking to you. It's odd to describe, isn't it? Sadly, I go to a small school and have to share classes with my sisters, so everyone sees us, as you said, "a collection of objects" or so it feels like.

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  • I think it may be high time to start developing your 'dark side'. Clearly there's some nasty cowards using theirs against you. Scowl at these rude heathens next time they are so insensitive. They certainly warrant it.


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  • Well I am not a triplet but I am an identical twin so I have dealt with most of the comments you are talking about. It is very annoying but try and remember most people don't really mean anything by it and are not trying to make you feel bad or less of a person. I will tell you that when you go off to college it gets so much better even if you 3 go to the same school it is better because it is so much bigger and now my sister and I are in our 30's and have our own lives so no one identifies us as twins anymore. Really these years that the 3 of you live together are going to be the only time that you will be thought of as one rather then individuals.

  • try doing something different so that you look different than the other two sisters...I have friends who are twins and I am able to tell them apart because they are different the way they act but look similar. Just ignore the dumb people I guess. I have a lot of people who can't tell what my back ground is and I had one lady say 'what is she?'...believe it or not, there are really rude people on this planet. I say just hang out with the good people and just maybe say something when someone does say something to offend you, something polite and that will put them in their place.

    • But I feel like it's not their fault that they can't tell me apart from my sisters. Yet, at the same time, they don't make an effort either... and it doesn't help when I'm in the same classes as my sisters haha....

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