Girls, I need some support and advice on everything that has happened between me and her? Mental health question slightly about anxiety?

I have a female friend who I developed feeling for.
Me and her are through the internet and known each other for years now.

So much has happened between me and her 🤦‍♂️😔

First, it was me telling her I liked her which she didn't like me back which was fine.

Then, she told me maturely she felt uncomfortable by the whole me liking her thing.

I wish I knew what was on her mind and how she was thinking.

I understand she didn't have feelings and she didn't feel the same. That she didn't like me back in looks.

Two days ago, I explained to her for the first time more about this and she said she is still uncomfortable by that.

Honestly it is all unavoidable and I shouldn't have told her I liked her.

I did ask if she wanted to spend time with me as friends the other day because it is summer and friends would want to see each other in summer yes?

She say she just wants me through the internet just now. Which yeah, felt like a rejection.

I do think it's a crush..
I surly can't be in love with her?🤦‍♂️😔

She seems unsure on me actually.

How exactly can I fix this? Or will me and her now slightly become strangers due to this shit that happened? 😕

I'm literally stressing about this and trying to fix this 😅


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  • I told a guy I didn't like him when I did because I was scared.

    • Hi. Perhaps she is scared of having a relationship but where do I go with this now?😕

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    • yes it is unrequited. but doesn't mean he has to cut off communication. im still friends with people whom I've rejected.

    • @Penged good for you but that's giving people false hope. I've seen it with my own two eyes

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  • She doesn't seem to wanna see you...
    Move on find someone who actually likes you.
    Be very careful because it sounds like you are bothering her and you don't want to turn into a stalker so let her be, and only contact her if she writes to you first.

    • Yes but she never writes to me first.

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    • Yes that is what I am saying

    • Everybody tells me that

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  • Yup you made it hard for her from the looks of it. Oh wells rip.


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  • may be u are friendzoned, don't give most of your time to her as you did before. if she can be ok if u don't give her time, then she is really not interested in you.!
    then either you can try harder to get her or move on!!

  • Just leave her and wait a couple if she doesn't come back to you not worth it

    • Wait a couple meaning?

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    • Again, should I leave her?

    • Yeah in the end if you think you can change her then may as well try but if she doesn't even want to meet up it's quite clear what she thinks

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