Is it worth it?

so me and my ex dated for 4 months and we broke up because he had to move, but we talked for another 4 months and he took me to homecoming. he ended talking to me because he found a new girl he liked. They've been dating for a couple months but me and him started talking again, like 24/7 talking and we've hung out a couple times but he hasn't told his girlfriend we've hung out or even that we are talking. I still love him and I think he knows but is it worth talking to him and getting my emotions high if he is still steady dating her?


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  • He needs to be honest with himself about what he wants. Becoming attached to him again could end up hurting you as you fear.

    It's my impression that he still has deep feelings for you, that probably should be discussed.

  • If he's talking to you while he's dating another girl that's a red flag. what's stopping him from doing that to you? just a thought.

  • I think if it's constantly hurting you to see him with her, you should get some distance.

    • ha trust me I've tried

    • Well then you should let him know that you need space or he needs to decide which girl he wants to be with. You deserve someone who actually wants to be with you

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