Bumble question: Swipes/Matches?

I have had bumble for about a week, I had been swiping and matches had run out because apparently Bumble isn't very Popular in my area and I wanted something different to Tinder. Well, I had run out of my Swipes this morning, I checked this evening and see my ex is on bumble with a very "gag worthy" bio. I asked him what it was about and he said he got bumble weeks ago, yet I had been swiping and not seeing him till this evening.

basically, does bumble have a time out on swipes or did he download it and has been using it and that's how I found him? because we've been trying to make things work but he was the one that fucked up massively (swiping on tinder and flirting/snapchatting) while in a relationship with me. He said he's not lying about anything and he's not added it today or anything. I don't believe him one bit. So experience in this would be nice :)


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  • in my exp. these sites and apps dont work and from what i can tell its a way for women to have their ego jacked... then again im a a bit old school so what do i know😝😑

  • yeah it cycles back through periodically

    • so he could be telling the truth he got it weeks ago? instead of tonight? sorry bumble confuses me

    • yeah, he could be. And whether you swiped left or right he could show up again because they essentially "reset"

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