Girls, Have you ever broken up with someone because of circumstances going on, if so, does it still come to your mind?

We broke up after 6 months because she had so much happening in life that even though things were good between us, the relationship was becoming hard for her, she didn't have time being a mother of 4 and her ex husband using the kids to get to her. We did decide to try dating again, seeing less of each other. We tried to start all over

She still had everything going on, and more things with her kids happening. Things between us were starting to build back up, I wasn't trying to push things. When we started having sex again, I figure it was because we both wanted it. We were back to just like a relationship, though seeing each other only a couple hours a week, but we seemed happy with it.

One day she texted me, saying things were becoming too much, that with everything going on, she can't put herself into a relationship with anyone. She said that there was so much happening in her life that she couldn't give her heart to anyone, and that she needs space to focus on herself and she has been seeing a psych to deal with it. she swore to me that it wasn't because of me, and that there wasn't anyone else, but she needed to be alone

I've seen on Facebook, from her friends postings, she's been spending all of the time she has available to get away from home with them, never with any guys, so I know she hasn't been seeing someone else. Unlike what she'd normally be like, she refused to talk to me, I haven't seen her since the breakup. Despite trying to move on and going out on dates, I still think of her a lot. I never loved anyone more than her, I'd love to get to see her, not about the past, but just to visit, to know how she is.


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  • She seems incredibly sad. Yeah I kinda did break up with someone for that... but circumstances he caused so not like your situation

    • The first time we broke up was initially through text, a couple days later she texted to see how I was doing, 4 days later On Valentine's Day I sent her flowers, she thanked me and she apologized that it wasn't how I wanted to spend it, We originally had big plans. We went to a private place to talk after dinner, could tell was hard for her, she burst into tears, saying how great I was to her and the kids, but she just couldn't do it. I couldn't help it, seeing her cry made me cry, I told her I understood, but didn't want to see it end. We talked until her tears stopped so her kids wouldn't know. Couple days later I suggested seeing each other, like a date a week, she agreed because she loved the time with me. The second time wasn't willing to talk, it was sudden, 3 days before, stayed night with me, made her dinner and breakfast, she didn't take her things with her including a sex toy. I have it all boxed up with our pictures, can't get myself to throw it out, means too much

    • That's awful 😶U never know tho, she may return when everything is sorted

  • I haven't. I've been around and stuck through those times


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