How can I get closure with a guy im not interested in anymore?

I was really attached to my crush for a long time it was a toxic relationship I wasn't treated equal I put in more time and emotion than him it was always on and off again he never want what i wanted to do just things for him on his time I stopped communication with him and its been few weeks he dropped a conversation thats when I decided I was done because for one he started doing the disappearing act around the same time each day and I seen around this time he added a girl to his social her location is a place he wants to move to in the future I put two an two together even if he isn't talking to someone else I still ain't treated human but the problem is im still emotional about all the stuff I've been through and dont really want to just leave without saying goodbye in someway i need to tell him so we can both have closure and I dont want bad karma or anything I dont know how to say goodbye politely or how to say i need to move on i dont know why its so hard but i just dont know what words to say?


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  • Tell him it's not working out


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