Because I feel like I should tell someone?

...the scars on my wrists are fading, or at least when you run your fingers on them you can hardly tell their there. I just found out a few minutes ago and I can't decide whether to be happy that there finally disappearing or upset because its all I ever knew and they've been with me for so long, it'd be weird to not have to hide behind bracelets of jackets anymore. /:


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  • I use to be a cutter at 16 -

    Seemed to help ease some of the problems I was going through at the time -

    I remember putting on some Korn - beating me down and just doing it ya know - Felt good at the time - once they would go away, would just do it again.

    10 years later and trust me it's a really good thing that it's a thing of the past. You might not see it just yet but you will think back and wonder why you even did it all.


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  • well if they represented a troublesome time in your life you should be happy their disappearing, think of an old era of your life fading and a new one beginning be happy those times because there rare


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  • Proud of you! Hope you start to feel better!

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