How do you tell a grown man?

How do you tell a grown man(who's dying) that you want to be the woman to take care of him, his house and his animals without making myself seem desperate? I'm in my 20's and he is in his 40's he's never been married but has an adult child(younger then me and I'm friends with her) she knows how I feel about her dad and is 99% sure he feels the same way about me but he's a macho man and won't talk about his feelings but has been opening up to me and letting me know what is going on in his life(his daughter is shocked he has never been like this to anyone of his girls) so really how do I tell him I want to take care of him without seeming desperate or like I'm after his money?


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  • Say exactly what you've just told us or let him read this.


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  • Just say to him that you want to do that, I'm pretty sure he will understand.


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  • Tell him exactly what you've told us or let him read this. Good luck with the situation, it must be incredibly hard.


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