Would we ever get back together or am I just kidding myself?

so we broke up on good terms, agreeing to remain friends and it was fine. A few weeks passed and he told a friend of mine he could see us trying again. But I think I became to forward by contacting him too often (and it wasn't in a romantic way) and now it doesn't seem like there's that chance of getting back together anymore- I really messed things up and I'm really regretting my actions even if they were unintentional. Is there a way to fix it?


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  • u might if u truley separate urself from anyone (sexually & imotionally) & work on ur own self improvement. maybe one day he'll give some more elevated value & love u again.
    he doent love u as a complete/whole being now. he's just attached to u.


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  • If he could see you guys trying again there could be a chance. Only if he still has feelings.

    • That was before though I feel like I've messed it up by contacting him to often

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    • What do you mean by that?
      I mean it seemed things were going well but he felt I was contacting him to often and it seems like he wouldn't want to try again but I'm just unsure

    • I mean did you blow up his phone? That could've messed it up. But something little like contacting him too much doesn't seem bad. Ask him if he wants to try again

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