Can't understand my ex behavior?

I invited my ex to hang out and he couldn't make it but he said we should hang out some other time and I thought we would talk again by the way he said goodbye saying he would keep me posted about stuff... since then we haven't talked or seen each other for almost a month.

However he keeps liking my social media posts (and he's not the type that likes every existing post on social media). Does this has some meaning or is just to remind me of his existence?

I still miss him and think about him everyday but I haven't initiated contact again, I think I've already tried to much...


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  • he probably still has feelings for you but believes you both broke up on bad terms so he's trying to avoid you incase he realises he still has feelings... also guys tend to like every social media post anyway iknow I do

    • I know he doesn't because I stalked a little... he usually only likes his close friends posts xD trying to avoid me in case he realises he has feelings? Hmm I guess after almost 5 months he had time to realize he as no feelings at all, I'm just going to ignore this social media crap and try to forget about him

  • why did you break up?

    • I guess I started being insecure and stressed about our relationship and he stopped being attracted by me, but he used the good old "it's not you he's me" excuse

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    • You are more likely to regret doing this in the future when you end up hurt.
      How about, you skip that part and work on moving on 😅
      Would be glad to be able to help
      Just dont set yourself up to get hurt

    • Yes, I've been trying to do that... moving on, I think it will take some time but eventually it will happen

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  • Start doing sudukos, crosswords, riddle solving, puzzles in general. It may make you better equipped to deal with working other things out


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