Girls, I must make amends with her to move on, is it ok to stop at her house?

We had a breakup that we both made mistakes in. If I hadn't said the things I said, we would actually still be on talking terms, and possibly worked things out. She was wanting to slow down on texting, I had said in the past I didn't expect immediate responses to texts, I thought she already understood. I ended up reading too much into what she was saying and overreacted. After arguing over texts, she decided we shouldn't speak to each other again.

I've wanted to make amends, it's bothered me what I've done wrong. I know I've hurt her and that she's still hurt, but she wasn't willing to meet somewhere to talk. I can't say what I need to over a text or email and if I talk to her, either we can talk on good terms if things are ok, or I can make amends, and part on good terms. When I say it bothers me, I mean I've even had to see a therapist because how much it bothers me. I've tried to move on, dating others, but I can't get over it. I've thought about stopping by her house, nothing was ever violent, we've never yelled at each other, we've never left the others house even mad so it's not like the law would be involved, I think the worst would be she'd ask me to leave. We haven't spoken in 3 months other than when I told her happy birthday over text.


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