Why did he want to know about my ex?

so he picked me up from church, brought me back home and called later on today. we were talking just great and some how the conversation turned to my ex. He was so curious, insisting I tell him the ex's name and why it ended. He pushed me till I told him.

my question is why was he so curious about the ex? I kept asking him but he never gave me a real answer. Was I wrong to have told him because he knows my ex. so I'm worried that may put him off.


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  • I usually want to know about the ex, to make sure there's not more ties...that'a number one reason

    number 2 reason would be, was you or was it the other person at fault... if it was the person I'm dating at fault, I would feel like I don't want to date them

    number 3 reason would be, if they weren't at fault and it was the other person why didn't they try harder to work at the relationship becasue I need someone to work really hard at the relationship with me (relationships accordign to me, take hard work)

    and number 4, am I their type... usually people look to date the same time... like I want someone who doesn't drink and who works hard, is smart 9has some kind of college work done, around my age, and doesn't do crime (in jail before etc)... need someone whom has a job and money... and if he doesn't match my type or I don't match his type etc...

    but yeah... dunno... you should just try to reason or use commen reasoning... but if that doesn't work and it still bothers you, just keep asking him... maybe he'll tell you

    • Well I like this guy- so I don't want this ex thing to be an issue. do guys compare themselves to a girl's ex?

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