How to let go of someone who played you?

Guy used me, played me and was my first. We had sex once and then he never saw me again or tried to but kept things going over text for months. And tried to hurt me as much as possible in the end including telling me he was going to sleep with people who were smarter than me etc. He always was verbally abusive when i wanted a clean break. He was racist to me. Kept saying I wasn't smart etc. And owuld laugh and say finally when i said ok i dont want to talk.

Eventually i told him to block me since he blocked my calls already (i wanted to just tlak to him) just to do the text too since there was no point in talking if he didn't want to. And then i apoligized and he just said blocking this number too and dont talk to me.

I dont know how to get over this still. I feel like everyone will do this, I didn't see anyone else, he was my first and I did everything he asked me too but i just got mad because he wouldn't see me and blew up a lot because he lied about seeing me.
How to let go of someone who played you?
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