Have any of you people had a manipulative girlfriend/boyfriend? if yes, how did you cope with finding out they were?

I recently discovered my ex never even cared for me and was just pretending to love me, it really pissed me off because I really loved her. If you ever found out you had a manipulative boyfriend/girlfriend, could you tell me how you coped with it after you found out she or he never cared? Thank you


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  • how did you find out everything she said or did was fake?

    • There was a ton of evidence of her saying she 'manipulates people all the time' and 'lies to people'. She also said she broke up with me so she could stop hurting me, but then she shows no care about whatsoever and basically gets mad at me and cuts off all contact because she thought I implied something mean, which I didn't even imply and which I explained. She also explicitly stated to a friend she only cares about 2 people in this world and NEWS FLASH: it ain't me. Also a fact is that she said to me she felt down lately which was the reason she didn't feel like calling with me (it was an ldr), but meanwhile, behind the scenes she was calling with one of my friends DAILY. There's a fuck ton of evidence and facts supporting this. And I've already showed this to 3 people and they all agreed. That enough proof?

    • okay, take care

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  • Go on with your life.. another Girl will come someday, who is serious about being in a relationship


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