Is it ever okay to ghost someone?

My boyfriend and I have only been together for a few months but it already feels draining to me. He just got divorced and his ex wife got everything so he's been through a lot. And on top of that, we're long distance so it's not like I'm physically there to make him feel better. But it's gotten to the point where he calls me all the time. He once called me eight times and it wasn't even 11 AM yet! He's become super clingy where he won't even let me get off the phone with him. I'll say "Hey babe, I gotta go do [insert activity]" and he'll be like "Why? Can't you stay on the phone? Do you even love me?" It's clear to both me and his family that he's not happy about where his life is, but he's handling it all wrong. He's been acting really irresponsible lately to the point where even his mom said she can't handle it. It would kinda be okay if he was younger but he just turned 36 so it's just embarrassing. I'm sure I want to end things and I think ghosting him would be the best idea seeing as he's unstable.
Is it ever okay to ghost someone?
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