I'm confused, what should I do?

To make a long story short, my girlfriend and I broke up last week. She said we aren't compatible, we aren't right for each other. All of this a while after I told her I love her.
What I think Happened is she got scared about her feelings and broke it off.
A few days after we broke up I called her and said a lot of things, getting to that I still want this to work. I told her I want to fight for this but I wanted to know if I should fight for this or not, she said I don't know.

Her and I talked in person finally the other day. She said it wasn't worth fighting for and saying a lot of what she said when we broke up.

I gave her a letter with a picture I took of one of the first times we hung out.

I left her house that day. She later text me saying that she read the letter, it made her cry, she doesn't think her and I aren't worth fighting for, she's scared and confused. etc.
She wants to talk in person again.

I'm really confused. What happened? Did she realize something?


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  • Sounds like she still cares for you and doesn't want to hurt you but she doesn't see the relationship going anywhere. I would suggest taking a step back and seeing what happens. Good luck :)


What Guys Said 2

  • She clearly does not want you enough to say "Hell, yes, I want you and I'll fight to keep you in my life." So, if you are looking for a dedicated girlfriend, this is not her. I understand that you love her but that just isn't enough. A good relationship requires MUTUAL love, passion, respect and trust.

  • she finds it hard to leave when you're a nice guy but probably still thinks its best to end it overall. i guess leaving you feels cruel but right at the same time. you have to talk to her about it.

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