Do you think he went to far?

Hello, me and couple of other people have gotten into a huge on whether or not the ex boyfriend and Lt. lickme went to far on this revenge. Here's the short version of the story. A guy found out his girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend through a video recording. So he asked Lt. lickme to help him out with his revenge. Well all in all, she's ends breaking down when he admits that he knows and started begging him to forgive her. Welp during all of this it's all being recorded in the ingame lobby. Do you think they went to far? Please explain your answer also.
Here goes the full video:


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  • Nope, he didn't violate her in any way, he just got her lying self to admit to how trash of a person she was. He didn't go too far in any sense of the word, and she deserves no sympathies what so ever.

  • Way too far. Too far dude. Too far


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