Is it okay to breakup through text?

I know she's losing/lost interest in me, and we never really saw each other outside of high school, and we didn't text much either. She's said to a friend who then told me that she wants to break up (still be friends) and then maybe later date again, since she's been going through a lot. She's a shy girl and I doubt that she wants to send the text (cuz she's shy). Is it okay to send it through text? I still want to be friends and I won't do anything to hurt her feelings.


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  • If it's possible it's always better to do it in person, but if it's long distance and you won't be seeing her soon text may be okay, though a call is a little better

  • Just talk to her and ask her if she wants to be in a relationship with you if not then it can be mutual.


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