How can you really tell if an ex is genuinely happy with their new partner or faking it?

I'm curious because I was reading a lot of Reddit posts and some guys would say that even if they are in relationships they would never stop loving their first true love etc. so how can you tell when a guy has really moved on from an ex vs when they act like they are happy but in reality they are broken inside. Why do some guys settle with someone even when they hearts belong to someone else. Can someone explain to me please.


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  • it is difficult to judge them


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  • I think it is just called wishful thinking. People want to believe their ex's are secretly thinking of them when the relationship is over but in reality as much of a bitter pill it is, people move on. If a ex left you, they dont want you or love you. Otherwise they would never have left. When you get dumped same counts too. Eventually you find someone new and fall in love and then realize your ex was not the right person for you. Even when it comes to true first loves, you do move on and time lessens the intense feelings. You may still remember them and cherish special moments but you move forward and find someone new to love

    As for your last question, people move because they want to. It is a decision. If your ex didn't want to date someone new, they wouldn't.

    • You have never felt heartbreak have you? You are cold.

    • I actually have and am going through it right now. No need to be aggressive if you dont like my opinion :)

  • I think you shouldn't focus on the exs love life but focus on looking forward to finding the love of your life. It takes time to get over someone because of all the good memories but some people move on very quick. Some can take half the time of the length of the relationship just to get over someone. I had an ex checking up constantly on me and I say I'm now happily married to my fella expecting his baby. The only issue between us is I had my exs baby who's nearly 3 now so I guess hell be snooping up on me for the rest of my life now because of his daughter but least it shows you can move on from what you thought was meeting the love of your life to realising how wrong you were to then eventually getting your perfect match.


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