Is it possible to get your boyfriend back explaining everything?


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  • Most likely, no.
    Whatever bad thing happened already... happened.

    • It can get better tho I just need to explain to him how I feel and it can go two ways it could go very good or very bad

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  • explaining is just a piece of the puzzle if he broke up with you try to get him to see your point and forgive you other than than I would say it's not worth it.


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  • This can not be answered as it entirely depends on the factors involved - his personality and the thing that was done among other things.

  • How long is a piece of string? You gave zero info.

    • lol urm he ended it as he's sick of the arguments

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    • A lot you clearly don't understand

    • No shit. How can I give advice if I have no idea the background other than that you argue a lot. What are the arguments over? Finances? Fidelity? His behavior? Your behavior?

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