How people turn out to be a terrorists?

I've seen many incidents reported by new agencies that Muslims, as a human bomb and many other ways try to harm humanity. What's the motive besides all the act of cruelty. Why can't they live in harmony and peace?


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  • just because a handful of idiots want to cause harm doesn't mean the entire people are terrible..
    KKK still about, no one says all Caucasian are mental...
    gangs around the world and militia kill more people in a daily basis but no one seems to care...

    people kill people regardless to race or religion..

    funny how these so called Muslim terrorists kill more of their own than anyone else 👍

    live free and educate yourself, to seek truth in history you must read all forms of bias in media


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  • About the terrorist attacks, I do some time feel embarrassed, but it happens in every religion. (kkk).

    Finally Islam does not tell Muslims to go and kill other people who are not Muslims, and you would know that if you studied world religion, and how Christians and Jews lived under the Muslim rule. (people of the book).

    And you have these unbelievably disgusting people (Bin Laden) who
    manipulates what they want from the Qua'ran to help them get what the want.

  • thats bullshit. there is way more going on behind than you can think. look at the killings in syria, palestine. people dying amd then you call one group terrosrists what about these people then?

  • because this is how they think you gain harmony and piece they do it for their god/religion

  • drugs , mental illness , racism...

  • The entire theme of Islam is to kill infidels and establish sharia. why are you surprised when they're only doing their duty as Muslims? don't be racist.

    • No you're crazy

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    • @Crazy123456 still not answering the question and I don't think you will. Have a nice day.

    • Thank you I shall

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