Cheaters - How do you get over the regret?

When you search online about cheaters, you read all the stories, demeaning comments about the cheater and the how-to's on getting over the betrayal for the cheated.

However, you don't really hear about it from the other side of the party.
So my question is did you regret the cheating? If you did, how did you get over it/if you have gotten over it? If you did not, what lead you to cheat?


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  • you won't cheat if you're happy in your relationship. I cheated on my ex but my lover was also cheating on hers. We both ditched our partners and went for it together. For me cheating wasn't a bad thing because I met a better partner because of it.

  • I regret nothing. My exgirlfriend cheated first, I just got even.


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