Guys, if you can't break up with your girlfriend how would you go about making her finally break up with you?

Meaning, if you don't have the balls to just break up with her are you gonna put her through hell so she'll finally have no choice but to leave? Also, if that happens are you gonna continue to make her feel like shit?


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  • you've to try and make it happen in the least hurtful way, so try not put them through hell just cause you don't want to be with them anymore that's not fair on them, ghosting if you've been going out for a good while can hurt far more cause it'll feel like you're ignoring their love for no reason.. best way in my opinion is to man up and tell her.. can't be a child and shy away from your problem.. if you want to break up with them you do it.. don't force them to cause you're a coward (this isn't at anyone in particular)


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  • I heard so many stories about men acting in an unbearable way to make their girlfriend feel like cheap... So they dumped them... instead of them guys dumping them not to be 'the bad one'.
    I hope they're not gona continue, I'll invite theses men to see a psychologist then...


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  • There's a few options that I would do:

    - Ghost her. (Which I do the most)
    - Be an annoying little shit that will make her want to break up with me.
    - Cheat on her, but let her catch me.

  • Ghost the fuck out of her

    • As in not bother her? I mean I don't bother him already due to his horrible attitude towards me. I'm just tryna figure out if he wants me gone or he's just being an asshole for no reason due to his "new workout meds" like I don't know.

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