What does he want? why is he doing this?

I was in a long distance relationship, we never skyped, we used to talk on the phone and snap a lot but lately it became all dry between us, he never told me about what he is struggling with. he disappeared once during school time and I went crazy, worrying about him i was super angry when he came back and he appologosied A LOT and I forgave him. then he did it again lately, he disappeared without saying anything, so I told him Im done and we fought, he tried to make himself look innocent and its at that moment he told me he is depressive and he tried to make me look wrong. a week later he messaged me saying hi and we talked like friends and it was obvious he wanted to keep talking. yesterday I suggested to talk to him on the phone, he didn't even read my messages but on instagram he was liking pictures and following people so obviously he is muting my notifications or ignoring them. why is he being like this and what should I do though I still love him?


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  • From a neutral point of view i can tell you this , there are three different possibilities
    He loves you but he is not sure, so he is like he doesn't want you and in the same time he doesn't want to lose you. i think you should talk to him and clear things up. and don't always he available for him. we, guys, hate the the girls who are always around, in other words. girls who are easy to get. After you clear things up try not to talk during the whole day texting each other the smallest details. this is boring and if you guys are 21+ and still doing this is s big mistake, and you should cut it out immediately. if you're 21- then still. stop it immediately
    hope this helps.

    • im 18

    • thank you

    • np and by the way like someone said down below, you must consider moving on if you feel he is not treating you the way you should be treated

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  • He met someone else and he isn't sure about that girl and at the same time doesn't know what to do with you. And you should look for someone near your in my opinion


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  • long distance is the problem.

    • well I asked for his home adress and he didn't want to give it to me saying his mom would be so confused seeing a package for his son that comes from a far away country. I told him I would visit he said he won't be there during summer.
      obviously he doesn't want us to meet or anything

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    • thank youu

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  • Sounds like you should move on, clearly he's not ready for a relationship

  • i get that you still love humbug honestly he seems like he doesn't care and he's kinda being an ass maybe try to move on?


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