Is it wrong to feel bad that my girlfriend dating me killed her relationships with her family?

So my girlfriend moved out yday and blocked her parents on everything even changed her phone number. She left them a long texting letting them known why and told them if they show up at her new place she will have them locked up. See her parents forced my girlfriend to get rude of our twins... i known how c someone forced anyone to do anything. Will they dragged her dowm to planned parenthood and threaten her. The worse part is all they have been doing since then is calling her every name in the book slut ho, bitch anything you can thing of and bring her dead kids into it. I feel bad since am the one that got her pregnant.. but even before me i known her relationships was bad with her parents... i was iust the thing that broke it. I wish her parents had given me a chance but all they did was judgy me basic on my skin color. Becuase am black they say i won't be anything in life, ill use my girlfriend for sex and black people get angery fast. I been dating my girlfriend for 15 months we have never been in a fight and i have never made her cry once. Am always nice to her parents while they are disrespected to me... all of my girlfriend parents friends all love me so I don't know whats her parents problem is.


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What Girls Said 1

  • No, they sound like horrible people. If it makes your girlfriend happier to have them out her life, then you should support her decision. Hopefully one day, her parents can come to their senses.

    • Thank you and hopefully even her sister was apart of it so she cut her sister off too.

    • You hit the nail on the head!

What Guys Said 2

  • You shouldn't feel bad. All of this is on the family, and it's good that she has you to rely on through such a tough time.

  • you didn't break it, you just happened to be at the end of what's been happening for ages and if you weren't there it would have probably happened anyway.


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