Am I right in being angry at what she did?

So I dated this girl for 2 months and in that time is was fun but was also pretty frustrating with a lot of arguments. Anyway on the first night we slept together she told me she doesn't think she can be intimate with me and she doesn't know what she wants. So I left the house and told her to think. The next day she asks me to come over and apologises and says she wants me. Then a week later she tells me she wants a break. So for a week we go on a break. But in that week she asks me to come over and we make out and sleep together again. But the next day she says she just wants to be friends. So a few days later we go out to a club as friends with some other friends and she makes out with me, but the next day she says she still wants to be friends. So I was annoyed and I decided to stop waisitng my time with her and at her place on the same night she said she wanted to be friends I start using tinder in the same room as her and she gets upset that I would just move on so quickly. And literally a week after she said that she is now dating another guy. I tell her that she waisted my time and fucked me around but she said I'm just being childish. I'm so annoyed at how much time, effort, and money I wasted only to be fucked around by her. Am I justified in being angry?


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  • it very well is justified. she didn't know what she wanted and she chose to play around with you. you should try moving on and looking for someone who doesn't waste your time and appreciates you.

  • Yes.
    No point in holding onto that anger though, move on with your life because she is a piece of shit.


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