My ex broke up with me back in 2012 , Do I keep living in the past?

a lot of guys in my work had ask me out but I bliw them of jyst for the fact that I can't get over my exboyfriend. We stay friend but then for a personal reason we dont talk no more he is from Texas and he lives in Texas. I move back to Chicago my home town to move on and live everything in the past. I dont see my self marring no other guy. I still have that anger towards him for breaking up with me he hurt me so bad when he broke up with me I cry like crazy. Now still can't get over him. Am I living in the past?


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  • no why should live in past, just leave the past in past, dont worry about future just see the present be in today enjoy today... some one who dont care about uh why u spoiling ur happiness after him... beb u have whole life n so many frds ahead...

  • Yes u are, try getting into different activities maybe workout or get new hobbies or something at least to clear up your mind and get distracted a bit

  • yes you are, you need to tell yourself you want to move on, no one else can make you.


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